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Customize your portal

The Portal is your personal dashboard providing a convenient view of your latest emails, upcoming appointments, reminds you of open tasks and much more. To add widgets click "+ Add widget" in the upper right corner. Select which widget you’d like to add. Then enter information if needed and click "Save" and the new widget appears on your Portal. To remove a widget simply click on the "x"  in the upper right corner of the widget. You can also change the order of your widgets by moving them around. Simply drag and drop widgets to the desired location. 

Tip: You can also save important emails or files from Drive or add photos to your portal. To save an email, click on the more actions icon  and select Add to portal. Your email will be saved as a widget in your portal. In Drive, select a file to save to your portal and click the more actions icon . Select Add to portal to save the file to your portal. Follow the same process to add photos or any other files to your portal.

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