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Essential Security

Designed to protect you from threats


OX App Suite Cloud works hard to keep you safe from attacks. Our artificial intelligence based security defends against spam, viruses, phishing, and malware.


Modern spam detection

  • As email use has grown, so has email abuse. Unmonitored junk email can clog inboxes and block the effectiveness of legitimate email communications
  • OX App Suite Cloud uses an advanced anti-spam filtering process that goes way beyond the traditional, outdated methods to detect and block unwanted, potentially dangerous emails from getting in to your inbox

Anti-phishing protection

  • Phishing is a technique where scammers send a fake email message designed to trick a person into revealing sensitive information
  • OX App Suite Cloud's sophisticated anti-phishing tool uses artificial intelligence to detect and block malicious links and webpages

Antivirus protection

  • Ransomware is a subset of malware, in which the data on a victim's computer is locked (typically by encryption) and payment is demanded before the data is returned to the victim
  • Ransomware can be spread through malicious attachments found in emails