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OX Calendar

Organize your business and private life all in one place


OX Calendar provides everything you need for easy and intuitive calendar management.
Create your own appointments and easily manage teams, events and more with public calendars that all team members can subscribe to. You can organize business appointments or private engagements, either separately or within a single, fully integrated calendar.

Customize your calendar view

OX Calendar offers several views, allowing you to switch to a different layout depending on your need. Choose from:

  • Day view
  • Working week view
  • Week view
  • Month view
  • List view
  • Year view

Fully integrated

  • OX Calendar is fully integrated with all other OX App Suite Cloud apps, allowing you to access them directly from the calendar
  • Email all participants in a meeting straight from the appointment’s detail view. Create calendar invites from an email
  • Files saved in OX Drive can be linked or attached to any calendar item

Scheduling View & Finding a Free Time

  • Easy scheduling of meetings
  • With OX Calendar scheduling, you can simply look at everyone’s calendars and find a time that works for all

Follow-up Appointments

  • After a meeting, simply click Follow-up in the original appointment to easily schedule the next meeting
  • It will automatically include the subject and participants from the original meeting, so you just have to select the date and time